There was a Sci-Fi collection book in my grade school library. I believe it had 3 stories in it, but I might be wrong? One of them I believe was about a girl that was turning into a werewolf. There was also another story that had aliens of some sort in it. I cannot remember the 3rd story OR the cover! My memory is failing me in my old age... I also remember a boy (or young teen) and possibly a cat in one story? Or maybe the werewolf was eating cats?


Possibly “Miles, Mutants and Microbes” of the Vorkosigan verse by Lois McMaster Bujold.

  1. 3 parts - check
  2. Werewolf/cat eating - possibly. There’s a werewolf like mutant that’s more catlike and has a voracious appetite. It also eats rats.
  3. The hero is a small man.
  4. Aliens - One story is about mutants with four hands


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