The anime is about a male main character who has red eyes. He wears contacts most of the time to cover the eyes. It might have something to do with supernatural stuff. I know his mother tried to murder him. Also there was a detective involved with him. He forgave his mother after finding out the reason. I think his mother was raped by her kidnapper who had red eyes and that is why the main character has red eyes. There is also a girl that fits into this story well.

I know this might not be helpful but I remember some things vaguely: (These may or may not have happened)

  • Something about cars going very fast under a bridge.

  • A swingset scene with the detective, main character, and/or the main character and bullies.

  • Something on the rooftop in the building and kidnappings.

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    What's an MC? Master of Ceremonies? Main Character?
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Could this be Psychic Detective Yakumo?

The wiki page for this character mentions rape, red eyes and a kidnapping as key plot points.

She was kidnapped and held captive when she was young. She eventually managed to escape, but was raped by the man with red eyes who is now Yakumo's biological father. She tried to kill Yakumo when he was young because of his red eye as she was told his red eye would cause him to kill people.

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