The image below is from New 52 Batman #15.
I am wondering who the medium sized "Robin" (circled in yellow) is. He is probably not called Robin, but you get the point,
red and black color theme, young male.

Image from New 52

From other New 52, comics I have been reading I have seen him around a few times. But not named, and I don't know what he does.

I know:

  • The man in grey is Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, star of "Batman", "Detective Comics" and I think 1 or 2 other New 52 lines.
  • The lady is BatGirl, aka Barbara Gordan. Star of her own series, "Batgirl"
  • The smallest "robin" is actually Robin, aka Damian. Is the main character of "Batman and Robin"
  • The biggest "robin", is Nightwing, aka Richard Greyson I think a former "Robin, the boy wonder" but now grown-up and has his own comics "Nightwing".

But who is the other one is, or what comic does he mostly appears in?

I also don't know who red-masked dude is, but I am less interested in him.

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This is Tim Drake, the third Robin. His role in DC's The New 52 is as Red Robin:

Tim Drake Red Robin

The man in the red full mask is Jason Todd, the second Robin, as Red Hood:

enter image description here

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