In the closing credits of "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" (Futurama Season 4, Episode 11) we are shown a collection of stills that appeared in the show, to the sound of a variant of the Star Trek theme. The last still is this one of Kif Kroker, which breaks the trend:

enter image description here

Kif did appear in the episode during the inquiry / trial conducted by Zap Brannigan, but nowhere in the episode did he appear like that.

Was it a shout out to the puppet used by Balok1 to intimidate others?

If not that (and I'm not convinced it was), then what is the relevance of that portrayal of Kif?

enter image description here

1Balok's puppet appeared in "The Corbomite Maneuver" (Season 1, Episode 10) of the original Star Trek.

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Shout-out to Balok

This most certainly harks back to the Balok puppet based on the fact that, for at least one whole season of The Original Series, a still of the Balok puppet appeared in the closing credits of every episode, despite not appearing in those episodes:

enter image description here

Given the similarity of Kif's appearance, it seems they inserted him at an analogous position in the closing credits.

As further evidence, notice also that the background behind Kif (a circuit pattern) is virtually identical to the one behind the Balok in the closing credits still:

enter image description here

  • Ah yes, the circuit pattern / appearance at end of closing credits (no wonder it jumped so easily to my memory) seems to clinch it. Thanks! Dec 27, 2017 at 0:38
  • @AndrewThompson : Glad to be of help. :-)
    – Praxis
    Dec 27, 2017 at 0:48

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