The book involved a group that had crashed onto a planet that augmented their natural abilities. A group of characters (the bad guys) became talented liars and politicians. A geologist (the good guy) could communicate with the sentient planet. Eventually, he talked the planet into swallowing the bad guys.

  • When did you read this book? What year? Can you recall any details about the cover (colours, people, etc). Also, try this list of sentient planets to see if anything stands out.
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This sounds like Orson Scott Card's novel A Planet Called Treason (1979), later rewritten as Treason (1988).
In this book, different families have different territories and different talents, based on the occupations of their founders:

Mueller―genetics. ...

Schwartz, lost to all human contact on the desert―she had been a geologist. Wasted on this world without hard metals. ...

Anderson―the useless leader of the rebellion, whose only gift was politics.

The protagonist, Lanik Mueller, can regenerate his body parts; the Schwartzes can communicate with and control rocks and earth; and the Andersons can create illusions. Collaborating with the Schwartzes, Lanik eventually manipulates the planet so that Anderson Island sinks into the ocean.


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