What type of reactor does The Raddus in SW:TLJ use for propulsion? What type of fuel is it using?

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    Possible duplicate of Which fuel is used by the Rebel cruisers in The Last Jedi?
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    @amflare - Not a dupe. One is asking what fuel the ship uses, the other (this one) is asking about the means of propulsion. Since the engines are ionic those aren't the same thing.
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    @Valorum This question is asking both. </pedantry>
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The film's Incredible Cross-Sections book indicates that the Raddus' sublight engines are ionic in nature. The ship evidently scoops up interstellar ions, accelerates them to a high velocity and then ejects them out of its enormous engines, creating thrust.

enter image description here

enter image description here

It stands to reason that the fuel (whatever it is) is therefore being used to create energy (to accelerate the ions) rather than directly burned. The earlier Force Awakens: Cross-Sections factbook notes that almost all large ships use hypermatter controlled fusion as their primary power source.

enter image description here

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