Henry is driving the car and Moore is sitting in the passenger seat. Moore, who is holding his beer bottle, says to him:

MOORE: I know what you're thinking. Anyone who drinks at 11 a.m. needs to take the cure, but I only do it here. In the real world, I never drink till after 5:00... and if it ever does, I'm on the wagon for life.

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What is the "cure" is Moore referring to and why would someone need it?

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According to The Dictionary of American Slang, the term

"Taking the cure"

refers to entering into an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Moore catches his friend giving him a look about grabbing a beer so early in the day. He replies to say that in when he's in his normal routine he'd never drink before 5pm but while they're on their annual trip he feels free to relax this personal rule.

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