It seems unwise for Joshi to give up her life so easily. She died for nothing. Luv still used her devices to locate K.

Joshi believed K had finished his job. All the key evidences except the bones stolen by Luv were thought to be eliminated. Why did Joshi still think K's whereabouts were more important than her own life?

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    It's a matter if principle, yes Luv got the information, but not through Joshi.
    – Möoz
    Jan 7, 2018 at 9:38
  • I was just thinking the same question, but you beat me to it. +1 anyway. I am curious to see what the answer is.
    – user89104
    Feb 21, 2018 at 8:31
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    Officer K was just as much the property of LAPD as a smart-car or a laptop computer. Joshi telling K to go hide and keeping Luv from finding him makes as much sense as Joshi telling a smart-car to drive away all by itself and hide itself so it can't be reclaimed by its manufacturer. She has no reason to do that.
    – user89104
    Feb 21, 2018 at 8:35
  • @LincolnMan except people not always act purely on reason. Have you never been emotionally attached to an object? Favorite pen, toy or tool? How about to an animal -pet dog or cat? For Joshi K might be just a tool (a smart car as you named it), but it is HER tool, her pet,
    – Yasskier
    Jun 12, 2020 at 1:06

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Joshi wants to protect the 'wall'

Joshi believes that the world needs to remain the way that it is, and for people to realise that Replicants can now become pregnant would destroy the world as they know it. She's willing to die to protect that truth from getting out.

The world is built on a wall

You'll recall, that Joshi explained the way the world works to K:

Evercalm Joshi pours herself a drink. A safeguard on that
calm. She picks up her drink with a shaking hand. Finally --

That’s not possible. She was -- a
Replicant. Pregnant. It was pregnant.
She quiets with the alcohol burn.
Stares out. Seeing too many steps ahead. Into darkness
[She sets her glass down with finality. Finally looks to K,
firm, declaring:]
JOSHI (cont’d)
The world’s built on a wall that
separates kind. Tell either side there’s
no wall -- you bought a war -- or a

(and then)
So what you saw. Didn’t. Happen.

Yes Madam.

What isn’t possible can’t be.

Yes Madam.

There’s an order to things. This turns
it. That’s what we do here, we keep

[K catches on. What Joshi is asking.]
You want it gone?


Even the child.

We have to break the mold. All trace.
Numbers, incepts. Erase. Everything.

-Blade Runner 2049, Final Shooting Script, Fancher, H. and Green, M. 2017.

And how if it were to 'break', this wall would cause the whole world to collapse, so it would have to remain intact.

Defiant to the end

Joshi is so sure of the need for this wall to remain intact, that she's willing to die to protect it:

[Joshi at her desk, the lights dim giving visual precedence to
THE CITY MAP she has UPSCREEN: Real time feed of current
police activity. The lights go abruptly BRIGHT.
An unfamiliar woman has just stepped into Joshi’s office with
presumed intimacy, turned the lights on. LUV.]

Too dark in here.
[Joshi sits back in her chair. Her silence a challenge to
this stranger.]
LUV (cont’d)
Your pet. I liked him. He’s a good boy.
Where is he?

[Luv steps closer. Joshi nods knowingly. Saw this coming.
She shuts her SCREEN down.]

So you’re who’s looking.
[Luv gives a polite bow. And just like that, all cards are on
the table.]
JOSHI (cont’d)
No idea. He’s off duty, reward for a job
well done. Check around.

I checked. Anywhere a good boy might go.
[Joshi pours a short one and takes it ahead of what’s coming.
As usual she sees too many steps ahead and knows her mind
about where it goes.
And then --]

You’re too late. It’s gone. He
destroyed it. Everything about it.
Except a box of bones you already took.
Which I’ll wager wasn’t enough. Here you

[Luv’s perfect face twists. Lightning quick, Luv snatches
Joshi at the hand holding the glass. Crushes it.]
You tiny thing. In the face of the
fabulous new your only thought is to kill
it. For fear of great change. You
can’t hold the tide with a broom.

[(defiant, ready)]
Except that I did.

[Luv squeezes her dead hand even tighter. Cruelly. ] LUV
Where is he?
[Joshi is in blinding pain. Channels it into silence. ] LUV (cont’d)
You’re so sure. Because he told you.
Because we never lie? I’m going to tell
Mister Wallace you tried to shoot me
first. That’s why I had to kill you.

You do what you got.

-Blade Runner 2049, Final Shooting Script, Fancher, H. and Green, M. 2017.

In the 1st emphasised part, the writers tell us that Joshi has realised that Luv doesn't believe the piece of the puzzle is removed. She's "thinking too many steps ahead" at all times, so she understands that Luv isn't going to give up.

You'll notice too that in the 2nd emphasised part, even Luv has realised that Joshi's intention is to keep the truth from getting out.

Whether she was right or wrong, it doesn't matter, it's what Joshi believed. She died protecting what she believed.


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