In the TV show Firefly, Actor Franc Ross plays the part of Monty. He has a crew and a ship but they are unnamed in the show or credits. Does anyone know the ships name? Does anyone have info on the crew? Thanks!

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The script just refers to it as "Monty's Ship".


MONTY'S SHIP as its engines FIRE UP, whipping a small cloud of dust around the tiny figures of Saffron and Mal. (Note: the design of this ship must be such that it can take off without its engines incinerating what is directly beneath it.)

SAFFRON stands with her arms crossed, looking up irritably, lit by the OS glare of the ship's lights. Mal is in the BG, with the crates. He dabs at his bloody nose with a white kerchief. Monty's voice echoes down over the SHIP'S LOUDSPEAKER, choked with hurt.

His crew are referred to as ND (non-descript) Crew.

MONTY: Where's that sorry-ass ship a' yours?

As they speak, Monty's ND CREW continues off-loading the crates, passing in and out of frame.

We're informed in the official Firefly Role-Playing Game Corebook that his ship is called the 'Restless Sole'

Monty's Transport Ship: Smugglers like Monty need a boat with a lot of room. The Restless Sole is spacious and can hold three times the cargo of a normal ship on account of its flat structure and hidden compartments—some of which are built into the hull and flooring. Though she's slow, the freighter can withstand an attack and still stay afloat. Her size, coupled with her speed, does make her a target for the Alliance. However, the Restless Sole's massive cargo bay makes it near impossible to inspect in any amount of reasonable time.

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