In the Dark Tower series, what is the official way to pronounce the word "sai"? The two possibilities that come to mind are

  • As in "sigh"
  • As in "say"

Or maybe as none of the above. It appears that the word is pronounced once in the Dark Tower movie, sounding like "say", but it is not clear whether the movie should be accepted as canon.

Usually Oy's speech is useful as a pronunciation guide, but I cannot recall whether he ever says "sai" or a part of it throughout the books.

  • Contraction of si(re).
    – Valorum
    Commented Jan 22, 2018 at 0:07

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As in "sigh".

The same question was asked on Reddit, and the answer was confirmed by multiple people, including with reference to the audiobook (narrated by George Guidall and Frank Muller). One Redditor also justifies this claim by saying:

Take the "er" out of "sire."

Which makes sense as a possible out-of-universe etymology for the word. (Cf. "ser" in the A Song of Ice and Fire books being pronounced the same as "sir", rather than like "sair".)

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