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Who was the responsible for their disappearance? Are they hidden to the South maybe?

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There are werewolves in the Third Age.

In The Fellowship of the Ring Book II, Chapter 1, "Many Meetings" Gandalf tells Frodo that the horses of the Black Riders are bred in Mordor by followers of Sauron the Dark Lord.

Not all his servants and chattels are wraiths! There are orcs and trolls, there are wargs and werewolves; and there have been and still are many Men, warriors and kings, that walk alive under the Sun, and yet are under his sway. And their number is growing daily.

In The Fellowship of the Ring Book II, Chapter 4, "A Journey in the Dark" the Fellowship of the Ring is attacked by what seem to be wargs, but which they later suspect to be more supernatural than wargs are, and thus werewolves.

What were the wolves that attacked the Fellowship of the Ring?1

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