In Legends there are a number of different Sith ranks before Darth Bane's Rule of Two and I was curious as to how the different Sith ranks would compare to their counterparts. For example, how would a Jedi Knight compare to a Sith Warrior (and similar)?

I get the impression that the Sith were often weaker than their Jedi counterparts as suggested by this cinematic movie from SWTOR where the Sith warriors(?) are easily being attacked by non-force-sensitive republic troopers:

So how would Sith compare to their Jedi equivalent in terms of their skill and strength (e.g- would a Sith accolyte be as skilled and be able to defeat a Jedi padawan?)

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  • This seems like it's going to be opinion based. Are you asking how each rank differed in strength and who would win in a fight, or which rank was the status equivalent of the other? – DCOPTimDowd Jan 25 '18 at 19:08
  • Oddly enough, 3000 years later Jedi get jumped by a ton of troopers too, so would that make them weaker? A lot of the cinematics for SWtOR was to show off the classes and how they can be heroic or powerful as well. In the game's predecessors (KotoR 1) we see Jedi get taken down by 'normal' people as well. – CBredlow Jan 25 '18 at 19:09
  • @DCOPTimDowd I am asking about how their Skill and strength would compare – Boolean Jan 26 '18 at 20:22
  • @Boolean Your edit is asking the same POB question. It would help if you thought of a totally different way to get the same information. One that could be clearly answered using facts, and not what someone thinks. – DCOPTimDowd Jan 29 '18 at 19:36

I grabbed the list of common Sith ranks from this wookieepedia article. As may be obvious, the higher ranks and their equivalents are stronger than lower ranks.

  • Dark Lord of the Sith
    These were the recognized leaders of the Sith. Comparable to the Jedi Council, though it was a rank for the sith as opposed to simply a position like the Jedi

  • Sith Lord
    These were also leaders of the Sith who's level of power depened mostly on which era we are talking about. They are comparable to Jedi Masters.

  • Sith Marauder and Sith Warrior
    Similer to Jedi Knights, these two positions are basically the same thing with different specialties. Marauderers tended to be more combat focused and Warriors more Force focused.

  • Sith Acolyte and Sith Adept
    These are the equivilent of Jedi Padawans. They are force-sensitive apprentices who had only just started down the dark path under the tutelage of a more experienced Sith.

  • Sith Assassin and Sith Minion
    These two ranks are the lowest, mostly because non-force-sensitive being could be among them. They tended to worship the Sith as gods and were used as soldiers, mercenaries, and conscripts in the Sith Armies. There is no real Jedi equivilent.

As a note, there is no Sith equivilent of a Jedi Initiate (Youngling).

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