I have just finished watching Star Trek: Next Generation and Voyager they seemed to be in the same timeline and fit together.

I have now started on ST:Discovery.

The timeline doesn't make much sense to me because in *Voyager they had insane shield technology that Janeway's future self gave to Voyager before their return.

So my guess is that Discovery is prior in the timeline. Is my confusion because I haven't yet seen Deep Space Nine?

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    It’s generally a good idea to read the Wikipedia article about something before asking about it here, in this case the third sentence of the article on Star Trek: Discovery. – Mike Scott Jan 27 '18 at 10:21
  • @MikeScott, I feel that Wikipedia would be Overkill for this question. Even the simple synopsis blurb Netflix gives you answers this question. -1 – Gnemlock Jan 27 '18 at 13:39

Discovery is meant to be 10 years before the original Star Trek - Kirk and Spock which itself is set in 2265-2269 - about a 100 years after Archer, T Pol and Enterprise set in 2151-2161. TNG is set in 2364-2370, DS9 is set in 2369-2375 and Voyager is meant to be set in 2371-2378 All these are set in the original timeline. I belive that when JJ Abrams reboted the Series in 2009, an alternative timeline was introduced. I'm sorry but as a life long Trekkie, I'm afraid Discovery isn't floating my boat at all.

  • Cheets paul you are right i will watch deep space nin and wait for a few more episodes to come.out on discovery but it doesn't live up to the rest but in saying that it took me a while to get into voyager after the next gen but by the 3rd season i was part of the voyager crew amd devastated that they got home – Tristan Jan 27 '18 at 11:36

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