What is the Martian name of John Carter?

The name appears in the movie where Carter is given a Martian name. I think it was something like "Datar Soyat"(?).

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    It's 'Dotar Sojat' which means "My right hand man" in Martian. I don't think its a name though. They called him Virginia (Mainly because he introduces himself as John Carter from Virginia). – Shreedhar Jan 31 '18 at 21:54

Dotar Sojat

A few moments later I saw her deep in conversation with a warrior named Zad; a big, hulking, powerful brute, but one who had never made a kill among his own chieftains, and a second name only with the metal of some chieftain. It was this custom which entitled me to the names of either of the chieftains I had killed; in fact, some of the warriors addressed me as Dotar Sojat, a combination of the surnames of the two warrior chieftains whose metal I had taken, or, in other words, whom I had slain in fair fight.

A Princess of Mars

The old Disney website for the film suggests (wrongly) that his Martian name is a translation of the words "my right arms".

Tars Tarkas is the Jeddak of the Tharks, a warrior tribe of green men. When Tars befriends John Carter, he is amazed at the Earth Man’s incredible strength and leaping abilities. Tars gives Carter the Thark name Dotar Sojat, which translates to, “my right arms.”

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