Can't remember the name of this virus movie but remember scenes. I would guess its a 90's movie. A military force (lead by a black man) is trying to prevent the bad guys from stealing a virus. The movie takes place probably in Africa, and there is a scene where the virus is leaking onto an African boy forced to carry the virus around his neck. There is a boat chase scene where the virus is tossed from boat to boat and the Antidote falls into the water. There is also a scene where they are tracking each other down a tunnel over train tracks but can't remember if there was a confrontation.Help!


Could this be the big-budget blockbuster Operation: Delta Force starring A-listers Ernie Hudson and Jeff Fahey?

The plot revolved around a small covert ops team trying to recover vials of Ebola vaccine and had train chases, car chases, foot chases and boat chases.

A team of military experts and scientists go after a terrorist group that has seized a deadly virus and is threatening to release it.

This film was so good that it spawned no less than 4 sequels.

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