In season 1 we see the recurring scene of what would become Londo and G’Kar killing each other for the first time. In this scene G’Kar has just 1 eye and Londo is emperor.

Later on in season 3 we see the scene again in a different form as Sheridan and Delenn travel through time. I haven't got to it yet but it may be that we see this scene play out again in seasons 4 or 5.

was this scene reshot for later seasons or was it all filmed during season 1 filming and then different parts used in later seasons? I have tried watching the scenes and can't see any continuity errors (outfits, etc) but that doesn't prove it was all shot in season 1.

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Yes, it was restaged and reshot.

Although the actions and makeup appear the same, the lighting is completely different between the scenes.

Londo's emperor premonition from Coming of Shadows is washed in a red backlight, either to link it all to "hand reaching from the stars", or to emphasize the presence of the enemy, G'kar. Londo on throne, Coming of Shadows G'kar strangles Londo, Coming of Shadows

The flash-forward from War Without End however, is backlit in white, and is also from a different camera angle.

enter image description here

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