Late to the party, but as part of re-watching DS9, I picked up a used copy of The Nitpicker's Guide for Deep Space 9 Trekkers. Sadly, it only covers the first four seasons.

Was the remainder of the show ever covered by this author?

Some research explained the book series stopped for legal reasons, but there is a website, www.nitcentral.com. However, I was unable to figure out the site navigation, and kept receiving "500 Internal Server Errors" as well. If this material exists, and anyone knows how to find it, I'd appreciate a pointer to it.

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The books were discontinued by the author's publisher, Dell Books following the Toho Vs. Morrow legal ruling and a dramatic rise in cease-and-desist letters sent by Paramount

Farrand seems to have continued to publish nitpicker books, but only with the explicit consent of the various studios involved. Presumably Paramount declined to give that consent, hence why the books remain incomplete.

You can read the author's statement here in full.

My current writing career ended sometime around noon last Monday when my agent Steve Ettlinger called. (Quite a way to start the week, eh?)


Here's the facts as I know them. Apparently, there was an unauthorized movie guide for Godzilla that was due to be released in conjunction with the new movie. In mid-April, the copyright and trademark owners of Godzilla won an injunction against the publisher of the unauthorized guide and stopped it's release.

Unfortunately, the judgment in the case was written quite broadly.

At the same time, Paramount has been stomping through the unauthorized publishing niche--as they did on the web several months back--firing off letters to anyone and everyone that they feel might be infringing on their copyrights. A few weeks ago, I spoke with a fellow author whose publisher had yanked his DS9 trivia book after he had already turned in the manuscript.


Dell has canceled the Star Wars Nitpicker's Guide and has stated that it has no interest in publishing any other Nitpicker's Guides.

However, as far as I know, Dell will continue to sell the current spate of Guide. But . . . my relationship with them has ended.

And . . . it seems unlikely that another publisher would be willing to take on the risk--given the atmosphere of the market and other current lawsuits.


It looks like there is no further material. Nitcentral lists 5 books of Phil Farrand: TNG part 1 (1993), TOS (1994), TNG part 2 (1995), DS9 (1996) and X-philes (1997). And the 1996 book for DS9 is the one you mentioned, covering seasons 1 to 4.

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