This is a movie I watched probably seven or eight years ago, and it looked pretty new back then. Early 2000's I'd say. Here's what I remember:

  • It was in Chinese or Korean
  • Also set in either a near-future dystopian China or Korea
  • The protagonist was a young woman
  • She is convicted of something and sent to prison. I'm pretty sure she was innocent.
  • While in prison she kills another inmate by rubbing butter on the floor near the pool
  • When she gets out she builds a special gun that she designed using multiple over-lapping sheets of paper (the blueprint was displayed when all the sheets were held to a light)
  • The gun looked like a steampunk pistol but fired like a shotgun. I think it was only used once and it missed.
  • Movie ends with the torture of the woman's sex offender. There were lots of other people there as well who were or knew the offender's other victims and wanted revenge.

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