I'm looking for a movie that I watched ages ago when I was a child. I don't remember the name but I only remember there are 2 female demons or monsters. They suck the nutrients of the victims from a thing looks like a plastic tube. In the end they being sealed and conjoined together in an egg shaped like statue. I spent too much time looking for this movie, thanks so much if anyone can tell me the name.


Clive Barker's "Saint Sinner"(2002 TV movie)?

Here is the plot summary from Wikipedia.

"In 1815 California, Father Michael, an emissary of Pope Pius VII, has traveled to meet with novice monk Brother Tomas. The young monk's order serves as the secret repository for evil, supernatural objects collected by the Church, and kept there for safekeeping. Michael delivers an ancient statue that has trapped two beautiful female demons, Munkar and Nakir. Tomas and his friend Brother Gregory inadvertently release the murderous demons, who travel to the 21st century using the monastery's Wheel of Time. To redeem himself, Tomas pursues them to present-day Seattle, Washington, where he allies with police detective Rachel Dressler to recapture the homicidal terrors."

Below is the full movie from YouTube.

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