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Given the fact that Dursleys were cruel towards Harry and didn't ever want him to know that he is a wizard. If they were somehow successful in keeping him away from Hogwarts, I wonder would it be possible that Harry's magical powers if continuously suppressed by Dursleys turned him into an obscurus?

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I found this in the FAQs section of JKR's personal website.

Why didn’t Harry Potter develop an Obscurus? An Obscurus is developed under very specific conditions: trauma associated with the use of magic, internalized hatred of one’s own magic and a conscious attempt to suppress it.

JKR: The Dursleys were too frightened of magic ever to acknowledge its existence to Harry. While Vernon and Petunia had a confused hope that if they were nasty enough to Harry his strange abilities might somehow evaporate, they never taught him to be ashamed or afraid of magic. Even when he was scolded for ‘making things happen’, he didn’t make any attempt to suppress his true nature, nor did he ever imagine that he had the power to do so.

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