I'm looking for the name of this TV show from the mid 90s. I don't remember it very well but here is what I can recall:

  1. Live action.

  2. Heroes were present day teens who were thrown into the action, one male, one female.

  3. The villain I best remember - a villain across multiple episodes, was a mid-aged female.

  4. When I was young I would strap a soccer/football shin guard onto my forearm and pretend I had some "magic armor" from the show.

  5. I think the "magic armor" augmented strength, but not sure.

  6. The heroes had the "armor", but the villainess from #3 had "armor" too. Hers may have been better than theirs.


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This could be Spellbinder. It matches on most of the points mentioned:

It's live action, about present-day (90s) teens and other-world teens, mostly about a boy and a girl, though I think the girl isn't from our world.

Is has special suits the spellbinders wear which let them do things like fire bolts of electricity.

It has a baddie (Ashka) who plays the same role in both otherwise unrelated seasons. I remember her suit being more powerful than the others but it's been a long time and I could be wrong. You can see it about 20 seconds into the trailer here:

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    I remember Spellbinder, and I think this is the show OP is looking for. Note in particular that OP said they used something strapped to their forearm - the bits of the armour that fired energy bolts were indeed attached to the Spellbinders' forearms. Also - I think in series 1 Ashka had just a standard issue suit, but series 2 had her trying to use our world's technology to build a new, more powerful suit. I know someone in series 2 was trying to do that, anyway.
    – AJM
    Commented Feb 12, 2018 at 11:17
  • This was exactly what my immediate thought was. If I recall correctly, Ashka actually became sort of a semi-goodie in the second (third?) series because there was an even worse baddie out there. I absolutely loved this show as a teen, though admittedly I now mainly remember it for the massive teenage crush I had on Zbych Trofimiuk (who played Paul). So massive that I can still recall the somewhat unusual name ‘Zbych Trofimiuk’ now, twenty years later. Commented Aug 7, 2018 at 17:53

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