Thor and Captain America comic

Thor's hammer is made of Uru, one of the strongest materials in the Marvel universes. Captain America's shield could withstand Thor's hammer attack, so both are strong. Both of them can't destroy each other but, Hela easily broke Thor's hammer. Does that mean Hela could break Cap's shield?

  • I've attempted to make your post more readable and more understandable. Hopefully I haven't accidentally removed anything. Note: the original version of the question referenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I don't recall if Thor's hammer was ever explicitly said to be made of Uru in the MCU, or if that's a comic thing. – Dranon Feb 17 at 15:33
  • Even if it's not made if uru like you said it's very strong and hela broke it easily so can hela could break Caps shield too – Adithyan n kurup Feb 17 at 16:09
  • 3
    Why not...It's been broken many times before – Paulie_D Feb 17 at 17:52

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