I have been trying for years to find this anime series. I watched this series on TV, maybe in the 90's. I just remember that it was in the Neverland, there were flying islands and flying ships, Captain Hook had a flying pirate ship, and I remember that the crocodile was mechanical.

I would really appreciate it if you told me what series it is.


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I searched Google for "peter pan anime", and found The Adventures of Peter Pan, an anime series from 1989 - close enough to the '90s.

Episode 30, entitled "The Levitation Begins! Hook's Flying Pirate Ship" (emphasis mine), has this summary on Wikipedia:

The boat seems to have driven off in the middle of the night. Peter and his band are stuck now on an island. The can't escape, because a huge fire-spitting monster fish burns everything that crosses the sea between the island and the shore. When it seems they're able to escape, a very powerful, flying new pirate ship appears, with Captain Hook on the deck ordering his pirates to load the cannon.

I couldn't find any reference to the crocodile itself being mechanical, but of course it makes a ticking noise due to the alarm clock - could that be what you were thinking of?


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