In The Force Awakens, while Rey was scrubbing her salvage in Niima Outpost, she took a serious glance at an old human lady next to her. Rey suddenly became deeply thoughtful and it looked like she was about to say something to the fellow salvage cleaner, as one of Plutt's scumbags interrupted her.

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Who was this old woman? Did she have a meaning to Rey? The movie doesn't tell much, but maybe there is something in other sources, as usual.


The script describes her as an 'old woman'.


TIGHT ON REY'S HANDS as she SCRUBS CLEAN her day's salvage. Rey glances up: she looks at an old woman, also cleaning some salvage.

Rey watches her, gets lost in the simple moment. A small, passing alien UNDERLING barks something to her in another language. She returns to work.

She doesn't appear to be anyone special, just an elderly scavenger (to hammer home where Rey's life is heading if she doesn't embrace her destiny).

As to why Rey was looking thoughtful, this was actually because she was observing a mother and her child in the original cut. The shot didn't make it into the theatrical version of the film (although her reaction-shot did) but you can see the scene in its entirety in the official novelisation.

Glancing up from her work, her gaze happened to fall outside the tent. The biped whose movements had caught her eye was human. A woman, clad in wrappings of deep maroon that shaded to purple, a band of turquoise makeup across her eyes and forefingers indicating her clan. Standing on a ship’s open ramp, she surveyed her surroundings. A moment later a similarly clad and decorated boy appeared and moved to join her. A domestic exchange ensued, during which the adult did something to the child’s hair. Returning to her work, Rey was only partially aware that the brush she was using on a narrow piece of salvaged electronics had begun to imitate the same caressing, grooming movement of the woman’s fingers.

Coming up beside her, one of Unkar Plutt’s assistants barked at her and gestured in her direction with his staff, implying it would be in her best interests to focus on her work and not allow herself to be distracted. Without another glance in the direction of the mother and child, Rey returned to her own work.

The Force Awakens: Official Novelisation

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