I literally don't remember anything about this except a specific scene where the wise companion keeps correctly guessing how many fingers the protagonist has behind his back.


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Sounds like the 1992 cartoon series Mighty Max, an action adventure cartoon starring a boy named Max that had a magical cap that let him open portals to other locations. He was accompanied by a giant musclebound warrior named Norman, and a Lumerian "fowl" named Virgil, who looked much like an anthropomorphic owl or a chicken as they joked in the show.

In the season one episode, "Bring Me the Head of Mighty Max", according to Wikiquotes:

Max: Look, I already told you I am not going back down there! Besides, how do you know that's my destiny?

Virgil: Because I know almost everything.

Max: Oh yeah? Okay...who was the king of England in 1298?

Virgil: Edward the Second.

Max: Well, how many people are living right now in...Calcutta?

Virgil: Sixty seven million, nine hundred and eighty two thousand, seven hundred and thirty two...thirty three, sorry.

Max: Okay, well, uh... [He puts a hand behind his back.] How many fingers am I holding up behind my back?

Virgil: Three.

[Max does a surprise take as he realizes that Virgil is correct.]

Max: Whoa...


Your question suggests Mighty Max, except that was a series, not a movie. The burly warrior (named Norman, believe it or not) was the titular Max's protector while the owl-man Virgil advised Max when necessary (which was a lot). Max didn't so much travel to another world as go to different parts of earth though portals opened by his magic baseball cap (one did lead to outer space).

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