Officer K asks Dr. Ana Stelline if a particular memory of his is real or implanted.

Stelline: Now think about the memory you want me to see. Not even that hard. Just picture it. Let it play.

Officer K sits there and silently thinks about his memory of a little boy with a toy wooden horse and running from other boys at the orphanage.

Stelline sheds sad tears from both eyes.

Stelline: Someone lived this. Yes, it happened.

Officer K: I know it is real. I know it is real! Damn! Damn!

That scene implies Stelline's device can read minds. All K does is think and she knows what he sees in his mind.

Gaff made the unicorn origami in the original Blade Runner to inform Rick Deckard that he knows of Deckard's unicorn dream. I always assumed that meant Gaff knew which memories were implanted into Deckard but had no way of knowing what Deckard was thinking.

This scene implies a device can read memories and perhaps even read minds.

Is there anything else in the Blade Runner stories that shows mind reading abilities?

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    Good question, but if this was a normal thing to do, then perhaps there'd be no need for the Baseline Test, or even the Voight-Kampff test. – Möoz Apr 16 '18 at 3:17

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