I remember some elements of this story, but the name and fine details I have forgotten. It was either in 2000 AD or Starlord comics back in the 80’s in the UK. If anyone remembers, or can point me at a site with this on, then it would be much appreciated.

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This is, I believe, Harry Angel from 2000 AD. He was an RAF officer involved in a plane crash during which the flight computer of his plane (I thought it was a Harrier (as a play on 'Harry') but this link suggests it was a fictional F-20) got bonded to his body, giving him the ability to fly. (Probably you shouldn't overthink how that might work...)

There's a little more detail at the Fandom page for Harry Angel.

  • Perfect. Thats the one. Commented Feb 23, 2018 at 14:05

This is a stretch (and I don't know about the comic) but there is a 1973 story by Theodore R. Cogswell and Theodore L. Thomas called Early Bird. In this story, a space "scout"-fighter pilot is in combat over a world populated by cybernetic organisms. This scout-fighter and pilot end up acting as a sperm and fertilizing an cyber-egg inside a giant cybernetic organism by crashing into it. When the egg hatches, the pilot, scout-fighter, and material from the cybernetic organism are all merged together into a much improved team.

This story is an very inferior (IMHO) sequel to the very good 1952 story The Spectre General.

  • Sorry, that wasnt the one i was thinking of, but it seems close. Thanks anyway. Commented Feb 23, 2018 at 14:09

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