I am trying to remember a book I read, within the last 10 years, and I don't think it was published too long before I read it.

Here's what I remember.

It follows a Norman knight sometime after the invasion of Ireland. He has been sent their either because he inherited some land there or as a form of punishment.

There is a very strong Celtic mythology presence, Redcaps play a very prominent role as antagonists, killing quite a lot of people.

The Morrigan is also in it she is very manipulative and trying to start a war. She can turn into a crow as per her mythology.

There are various other celtic gods/spirits etc at work throughout the book, both trying to help and hinder the knight.

It may be part of a series though I've only read the first one if it is.


Your description put me in mind of The Wanders and The Watchers series by Caiseal Mór, ,which are set in pre-Christian Ireland. Redcaps and the Morrigan feature in these as well.

Looking at his bibliography, he has also written another trilogy set in Norman Ireland, the first of which The Well of Yearning, features a Knight exiled to Ireland.

Note: I haven't read these, only the first trilogy, and the first book of the Watchers

  • It’s the well of yearning! I thought there was a well involved somewhere. Thanks! – Cearon O'Flynn Aug 6 '18 at 12:32

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