I'm trying to find a short story about a crime-free future.

Also story has mention of a suicide device fixed on the back which leads to decrease in violent and aggressive behavior in future.


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The story is "Common Denominator" by John D. MacDonald. (Yes, that John D. MacDonald and appears in his short story collection "Other Times, Other Worlds".

"In a moment of depression, I take these two smallest fingers of each hand. I reach behind me and I press the two fingers, held firmly together to a space in the middle of my back. A tiny capsule at the base of my brain is activated and I am dead within the thousandth part of a second."


Covers: https://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/titlecovers.cgi?56205

  • What is so significant about John D. Macdonald?
    – Broklynite
    Feb 25, 2018 at 12:18
  • 1
    MacDonald is far more widely known for his authorship of the "Travis McGee" detective novel series than he is for a couple of SF titles and a handful of short stories. My wife has read virtually of of "McGee" and had no idea that MacDonald had written any SF at all. Feb 25, 2018 at 15:27

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