In several episodes you get a rehashing of Dr. Farnsworth and Mom's relationship but it always seems to start in different ways. How many times did they actually date?

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They appear to have dated on 4 separate occasions (dates taken from this timeline):

  • 2881: Dr. Farnsworth designs Q. T. McWhiskers for Mom's Friendly Robot Company, but then breaks up with Mom after she suggests making it into a giant weapon. (episode: "Mother's Day")

  • 2927: Dr. Farnsworth designs the fuel-inefficient sport-utility robot, from which is derived all future robot designs, leading to global warming. In 2931 he breaks up with Mom again and leaves the company. (episode: "Crimes of the Hot")

  • 2970: Dr. Farnsworth returns to the company and discovers dark matter. It is at this time that he fathers Igner, but Mom leaves him for her ex-husband. (movie: Bender's Game)

  • 3001: The two get back together briefly for some "hot, dry sex". (episode: "Mother's Day")

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