I am looking for a Sci Fi book I read many years ago. The synopsis is as follows:

  • A guy discovered FTL drive or something and would share the secret under one condition. He was to be granted ownership of a new planet of his choosing. The planet would be very similar to Earth in topography.
  • He wanted to remake the new planet for a place where Earth's declining animal species could be revived.
  • He got the planet and started introducing animal species, including fish and water mammals.
  • When one of the carnivorous cats (cheetah I believe), got sick from eating grass, he discovered that there was another species there that revered and would not allowed life to be destroyed.
  • A compromise was worked out and everything was OK.
  • Welcome to the site. You have a good start here. If you could take a look at this guide to help jog your memory and edit in any more details, that would be great. Every little bit helps us.
    – amflare
    Mar 5 '18 at 17:59

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