In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Captain Benjamin Sisko has a few models of ships in his office. Which ships does he have? I believe I saw the Voyager (probe, not Star Trek ship), but that is all that I can say certainly.

Here's one ship that I saw there: enter image description here


That is almost certainly the USS Saratoga, aboard which Sisko served as First Officer prior to its destruction in the battle of Wolf 359.

Sisko leaves the Saratoga aboard an escape pod

Note the lack of the "roll bar" common to many Miranda-class vessels.


Confirmed by @Valorums's link that this is the Saratoga:

Benjamin Sisko kept a model of the Daedalus-class starship in his office on Deep Space 9. In the same room, he also kept models of a Miranda-class starship and another of a Nebula-class starship and, in later years, a large model of the International Space Station, complete with a docked space shuttle orbiter.

The Miranda-class model was of the USS Saratoga and constructed from the modified, newly-released AMT/Ertl model kit, no. 8766.

The other ships include the USS Horizon:

A Daedalus class starship

An unknown Nebula-class starship, and the International Space Station docked with a Space Shuttle:

The ISS with space shuttle

The latter is probably what you mistook for the Voyager probe, which I don't think actually appears in Sisko's office:

CGI rendering of the NASA Voyager probe

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