When Picard, Data, and Worf sing HMS Pinafore, Picard says "his heart should stamp" during the second verse. Did he misspeak because those aren't the words?enter image description here

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Yes, Picard makes a mistake in the second verse (the lyrics of which we don't see on-screen). The line should be

"His foot should stamp"

but he sings

"His heart should stamp"

In-universe explanation

Presumably this was due to the stress of trying to fly the shuttle, monitor the mooring clamps and sing, all at the same time.

Out-of-universe explanation

This seems to just be a production goof (noting that Stewart isn't a particular fan of Gilbert and Sullivan). The script has the correct line.

PICARD: (smiles, triumphant) Prepare the docking clamps.

Worf moves to a rear panel as Picard sings with Data...

PICARD/ DATA'S COM VOICE: "... His foot should stamp..."

As does the film's official novelisation

The captain grinned and in the same soft tone, told Worf- “Prepare the docking clamps.” The Klingon obeyed as Picard sang, triumphant, with his android friend: "Or the tang of a tyrant tongue … His foot should stamp and his throat should growl, His hair should twirl and his face should scowl"

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    It might be a good idea to point out that the lyrics on the screen are correct ones, just from a different verse.
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