In the 1990s I read a sci-fi novel, a one-off book (not a series). It began describing a futuristic time where people either have brain-augmentation or senior citizens have the option to discard their human body for a brain-box (the human brain is placed within a "box") to continue existing & interacting with the outside world. Maybe both augmentation AND brain-box were included in the story??

Anyhow, after the brain of "Ger" re-connects she starts to interact with her offspring (a teenager I think or a young adult, possibly a gal or e-fem male).

I only remember that the teenager/young adult has a huge adventure trying to escape their fate AND not lose contact with Ger's box (brain-box) AND hold their allies together as a search for the father is conducted.

I believe that the father has connections with a political figure (female??)... who bore a step-sister (is 8-12 yrs now)?

In the end the political figure (step-mother??) of the teenager/young adult is confronted. A duel to the death is ensues, yet one of the teenager's allies becomes champion-of the teenager/young adult... winning the fight, and succumbing to lethal wounds.

The rich step-sister becomes an ally of the teenager/young adult.

  • Great description. Can you remember any of the character names or dialogue? – Valorum Apr 3 '18 at 23:28
  • 1
    nope... I was just reading about Psychohistorical Crisis by Donald Kingsbury (another post from someone)... so, my focus is off. The big event I remember is a female young adult, ally to the Main character steps up as their champion in hand-to-hand duel. The description in the book includes her street-wise combat moves vs. the opponent's well-practiced knives (with a deadly poison). – SierraGospelbearer Apr 3 '18 at 23:53
  • 1
    I read a different question (via another user) that discussed: bit.ly/2uPjMqM ... @Lorendiac I was curious if the story: Psychohistorical Crisis by Donald Kingsbury has a fight/duel to the death (between a female political figure, Eron's step-mother & a female ally of Eron, [Eron's champion] a street urchin)? The champion wins, yet dies due to her lethal wounds. – SierraGospelbearer Apr 4 '18 at 0:32

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