I got forwarded this piece of online humour:

It depicts a knitted yellow gauntlet, with what looks like 4 colored "jewels" on the knuckles and a clear "jewel" in the middle of the wrist, with a caption "When your grandma finds out you're a marvel fan".

I assume that this joke was based on some real piece of Marvel equipment, but not familiar enough with the universe to know what it was (from afar, I thought it was meant to be Wolverine's hand with claw sockets, but it clearly doesn't seem to be it).

Please help identify what this Marvel gauntlet the knitted item is.

enter image description here


It's the Infinity Gauntlet, a glove for holding the infinity stones.

enter image description here


But yeah, it's Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet. The gems are the concentrated remnants of a collapsed universe that existed before ours. They were forged by beings unknown.

Thanos was even able to defeat Galactus with it.

It can only be wielded by beings of significant power.

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