In the comic series Wolverine: Old Man Logan Issue#7, we are introduced to President Red Skull. The issue starts off fifty years in the past (relative to the Old Man Logan's time) where the Red Skull kills Captain America and in the present day wears Cap's cowl as a trophy.

Later we se that a large number of heroes have fallen and the Skull has a trophy room full of their uniforms/armours and his greatest trophy, Captain America's shield is at the top.

enter image description here

In a wider shot, we see that his collection has a lot of trophies ranging from Silver Surfer's board to Ghost Rider's jacket. I spotted Captain America's first shield (the triangular sorta shield which he used before getting the circular one shown below)

enter image description here

It is quite logical that he got the new shield when he killed Captain America. But how and where was he able to get this old shield?

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