Read this book about a few years back about a boy who lives in a corporation where his supposed dad (named "Daed" short for "Daedalus") worked. If memory serves me right the father sent him on a quest and it was revealed that he wasn't the boy's actual father, the boy just mistook him for his father because of his nickname "Daed". Also pretty sure there was a commanding woman from the corporation who was somehow involved with Daed.

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Could it be the book Gamerunner? I haven't read the book, but it's easy to see that a lot of the details line up with your description.

Boy plays a game in virtual reality and lives in a corporation:

Rick is a Gamerunner. His job is to test there are no glitches or bugs in The Maze - the computer game that is much more than just a computer game. In The Maze you physically become your avatar. You fight, run and loot, all the time avoiding the deadly slicing traps - whirling blades that appear from nowhere. Rick has known nothing outside The Maze and his life at the headquarters of Crater, the company that created The Maze.

Supposed father named Daed:

Daed was a mystery, even — no, especially — to Rick. Even if Daed was his father, he didn’t know who his mother was. Or if he’d had one. When he was small — smaller, anyway — he’d tried to pretend Perdita was his mother, but it didn’t really work.
Page 15

I can't find anywhere that says Daed's full name is Daedalus, but the word "Daedalus" appears several times in the book, and I think it's implied.

Daed sends him on a quest:

‘Better,’ Daed said, in the dark. ‘Now listen. I want you to go into the Maze —’
—Page 16

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