In TNG Season 3, Episode 3 titled "The Survivors", Counselor Troi hears a repeated melody in her head that drives her almost to insanity. We (the audience) learn the source of the song relatively early in the episode.

(the music box)

By the end of the episode, we've learned the secret of the survivors, and someone has removed the music from her mind.

(Kevin Uxbridge, a Douwd - a previously unknown race with immense power)

Why did she hear the music in the first place?

Especially since the one who caused it was able to take it away so easily?

(There may not be an actual confirmed answer, so I'll accept conjecture and opinion as long as it's derived from actual events in the episode or series)

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    He's not unidentified. He's identified.
    – Valorum
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    OP, it’s spelled “Douwd.” I hope you change it. Quick edits apparently can’t be made anymore, which is unfortunate, because spelling mistakes irk me.
    – Bob
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  • Thanks @Bob! I hate them too :-)
    – LevenTrek
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Kevin put the music in her mind to distract Troi. The box wasn't the source of the music, merely the inspiration for it.

KEVIN: I've taken the music from her mind. She's alright now. She's sleeping. She was beginning to sense who I really was. I've been living as a human for over fifty years but I couldn't hide from her. She has suffered because of my pride and selfishness. It will not happen again.

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