In the Free Comic Book Day comic of Scott Pilgrim, he's attacked by eight teenage girl ninjas who materialize out of posters.

I don't remember a reference to this in the standard comics and it doesn't seem to be established in the comic so I was wondering, who sent them?

enter image description here

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It seems likely that they were sent by Roxanne "Roxie" Richter.

Evidence in favour;

  • She is known to be an accomplished poster artist
  • She is known to be "half-ninja" (the free comic states that the spell must use ninja magic)
  • Ramona seems very sheepish and admits that it was very likely one of her exes, borne out by the fact that they exclusively attack Scott.
  • The fight itself is extremely reminiscent of Scott's later encounter with Roxie, notably his inability to hit girls and the fact that Ramona uses Scott as a weapon (by controlling his fists).

enter image description here

enter image description here

Note also that she neatly evades the question of whether it was an ex-boyfriend

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