In TNG's "The Chase", Nu'Daq challenges Data to the B'aht Qul and loses. He utters something after this that I cannot find online, except in a transcript that suggests he says "Maw' tok!"

A reference clip can be found here, with the utterance at 0:51:


From the screenplay

NU'DAQ: (counting in Klingon) Wa'... Cha'... Wej --

Data puts him down without the slightest strain.

NU'DAQ: (amazed) Maw' tok.

The KlingonWiki (and various other sources) simply refer to it as an exclamation of surprise.

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    It makes sense that an exclamation of surprise/admiration has a similar-sounding root (with a different modifier) to "petaQ", an exclamation of disdain. – Gaultheria Apr 19 '18 at 20:20
  • It's worth noting - as is mentioned on the wiki page - that this is an example of "Paramount Hol", which is to say that it has been used in a licensed Star Trek production (and is thus canon in the eyes of most Star Trek fans), but is not considered canon by most Klingon-speakers, and doesn't really conform to the language which we speak. – loghaD Apr 28 '18 at 21:44

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