During a clicking-while-bored session I came across the Den of Geek article Planet of The Titans: The Star Trek Movie You Never Saw and saw the following passage:

Suddenly intrigued, Shatner asked Roddenberry what the film was going to be about. Roddenberry explained that it would be set a number of years after the series, to explain why the cast suddenly looked so much older. James T. Kirk was now a commander, while the rest of the Enterprise crew had also climbed through the ranks. The story which followed was high-concept stuff even for Roddenberry.

"One day a force comes toward Earth - might be God, might be the devil - breaking everything in its path, except the minds of the starship commanders. So we gotta find all the original crewmen for the starship Enterprise, but first - where is Spock? He's back on Vulcan, doing R&R; five year mission - seven years of R&R. He swam back upstream. So we gotta go get him."

This was part of a script that Roddenberry called The God Thing, a story that imagined the almighty as a machine floating through space, reiterating the laws of the universe in different forms for different epochs. Two-thousand years ago, the alien intelligence had taught those laws to the people of Earth by appearing as Jesus. The God Thing would have seen Kirk and his cohorts encountering this shape-shifting entity as it morphs through various forms; the mysterious god-machine has apparently malfunctioned, like a skipping record player.

It was a bold idea, alright, but all a bit much for Paramount.

This was after all, a script in which Spock says, "If this is your God, he's not very impressive... He demands worship every seven days. He goes out and creates faulty humans and then blames them for his own mistakes. He's a poor excuse for a Supreme Being."

Question: What happened to the original script for The God Thing? Is it still under wraps, or readable somewhere?

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