In DS9 episode "Tears of the Prophets" (S06:E26), Sisko is holding a conference where he attempts to convince the Romulans to help invade Cardassia. In the background is a guy in a TNG-style Starfleet uniform with no pips on his collar. This presumably makes him a crewman, although there may be pips that aren't visible. Of greater interest, however, is that he's wearing an old uniform that had been phased out by this time. The TNG-style uniform had been out of use for at least two years at this point in the Dominion War, possibly even longer.

Image of the crewman in an old uniform

Who is this character and why is he wearing the old-style uniform?


From the episode "Homefront" we saw a bunch of officers stationed on/near Earth in the TNG-style uniforms, even after Voyager had departed with only black jumpsuits available.

And of course there was all that uniform juggling in Generations. Even Admiral Ross' first appearance had the old TNG-style uniform

enter image description here

That was chronologically months later than Admiral Hayes wearing a weird hybrid uniform in "First Contact." (If you look closely you'll see the stripes of stitching.)

enter image description here

So the best in-universe explanation is that there was a very long tail of uniform migration, that waited longest for "desk" officers, such as admirals, their attachés (remember Dexter Remmick?), and perhaps assignments related to the Federation diplomatic corps.

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    Maybe Voyager took all the black uniforms with them? :) – DavidW Aug 16 '19 at 15:55
  • this doesn't answer the entire question and is pretty much speculation unfortunately – NKCampbell Aug 16 '19 at 15:55
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    @NKCampbell Partial answers are perfectly fine of course. – TheLethalCarrot Aug 16 '19 at 15:57
  • For an org as large as Starfleet, equipment rollouts won’t happen overnight. It could take years to make sure everyone has the “new” stuff. You have starships off on long-distance missions, who knows when the next time they’ll be back for resupply. You have starship crews and personnel who are too busy with assignments to worry about getting their uniform updated. That would be a low priority. So by the time the new look rolled out to everyone, it’d be realistically 2-3 years timespan. – MissouriSpartan Aug 16 '19 at 18:00

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