In Infinity War, it is briefly mentioned that Thanos

went to Xandar, destroyed half the population and took the Power Stone.


the Nova Corps

still exist? If so, in what capacity?

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    This will probably be revealed in future works. – Möoz Apr 28 '18 at 23:15
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I am going to do my best to properly cover up spoilers but if you have not seen Infinity War and you don't want anything ruiined, STOP READING NOW

The Actual Answer

We don't know. It has not been addressed in any canon fashion yet.


According to the MCU Wiki they were

the intergalactic military and police force of the Nova Empire

AND we know they operate at least one off world installation

These two points suggest that at least some of them were

not on Xandar when Thanos attacked.

At this point, it bears mentioning that

when he got his hands on all 6 Infinity Stones, Thanos was able to kill off half the life in the Universe at random. Prior to this, the exterminated half of the population of any planet he attacked would heavily favor the local military, police forces and anyone else who tried to stop the coming genocide-the rest would come from those rounded up after the fighting was over.

So assuming

every member of the Nova Corps present on Xandar at the time of the attack fought Thanos and they fought to the last and did not surrender

The worst case scenario is that

every member of the Nova Corps stationed on Xandar is dead but those off world could still be alive and operating in some reduced capacity.

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  • You're perfectly fine to roll my edit back but I don't see how "the intergalactic military and police force of the Nova Empire" is a spoiler. I will however, edit out the disclaimer at the top of the answer, that is implicit for anyone reading the question. – TheLethalCarrot May 2 '18 at 16:07
  • Implicit doesn't mean people won't read. I'm keeping it. As for your other point, in keeping with the spirit of the original question I'm covering up any reference to which organization is being discussed – geewhiz May 2 '18 at 16:12
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