I recently read somewhere that Batman has about 8 backup Batcaves, one of which is right under the Arkham Asylum. In DC's Batman: No man's Land, 4 of his Batcaves are introduced namely, The Central Batcave, Batcave South, Northwest Batcave (located under Arkham Asylum) and the East Batcave.

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Counting the Batcave under the Wayne Manor, that makes a total of five. So where are the rest of the 3 backup caves located?


It would appear over the years he's had more than 8.

I'm unsure as to which 3 the post you read may be referring to, however throughout his years in the comics there have been numerous mentions of caves, bases and labs that Batman has visited or operated out of.

Most of this information is sourced from the wiki (and then confirmed with comic book panels) or from this post on reddit by user /u/Ame-no-nobuku providing an excellent list of details on the main batcave and other bases. I will try to list only the most relevant Batcaves and "caves" mentioned.
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Batcave West

In The Outsiders (1985) #19, Batman confirms that he has a Batcave located somewhere in the LA area, which was designed by Batman and Dr. Helga Jace.

Batcave West

Batcave West (II?)

In Batman Incorporated (2012) #1, it is revealed that there exists another Batcave West located under a sex shop in San Francisco. (Indirect link due to less than savoury material).

Backup Batcave

In Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer?, Batman reveals that Alfred had a "temporary base of operations" prepared.

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Batcave East

After it's original reveal in _Batman: No Man's Land Secret Files), the existence of Batcave East is reiterated in the 2012 Batman Incorporated #12.

Base next to Crime Alley

In Batman (2011) #0 it is revealed that Batman has a base right next to Crime Alley that has sewer access, a vehicle hangar, a lab and an armoury.

Has mini-batcaves scattered across the city

In Batman: Shadow of the Bat #88, Batman reveals to Robin that he had numerous "caves" prepared around the city.

Backup Batcave north of Gotham

In All Star Batman #3 we find out that a couple hundred miles north of Gotham there is another backup Batcave located near a walnut farm.

Emergency Batcave

In Batman (1940) #186, Batman and Robin escape from Poison Ivy's hideout to an emergency Batcave on the outskirts of Gotham.

Batcave II

In Detective Comics #470, Batcave II is revealed after Dick Grayson goes to college and Bruce moves away from the manor into the city. This was however only temporary and the Batcave returned below Wayne manor after returning to live there.

Prague Batcave

In Batman and Robin Eternal #8, a Batcave in some catacombs in Prague is revealed.

Lunar Batcave

In Dark Days: The Forge, Batman reveals that he has a Lunar Batcave, on the Moon. It even has Robot Sentry Bats to protect against unwelcome guests (although they do a pretty poor job against Superman).

Flying Batcave

The title of the 186th issue of Detective Comics Volume 1 is "The Flying Batcave". Batman builds the Flying Batcave as to ensure Robin's safety he had to agree not to step foot in Gotham for a week.

Numerous Bat Bunkers

In Batwing #24, Batwing's suit malfunctions after a fight with Lady Val, he asks Batman for the location of a R&D centre where he can fix his suit. Batman sends him the location for Bat Bunker 3, where he first gave Batwing the suit.

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  • That is one heck of a list.. Thanks @Edlothiad.. However, I guess I should have been more specific. I'd read that there are 8 batcaves only in Gotham (regardless of the ones worldwide; or in this case, space-wide:p). Is that true? – Shreedhar May 1 '18 at 9:21
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    Well given he calls the multitude of mini-caves he has "caves" I'm going to go with "depends on the writer and when they're writing" – Edlothiad May 1 '18 at 9:23
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    Does he do anything else but preparing and maintaining his numerous bat caves? :-) – Martin Schröder May 1 '18 at 11:24

Sourced from ComicVine will add the relevant comics when I find them.

There are actually 8 backup Batcaves and then the main one under Wayne Manor so these are the other 4.

The Batcave South-Central

Is located in the Old Gotham prototype subway station, a four-block stretch of track sealed in 1896 and forgotten.

The Los Angeles Batcave

Was used as a headquarters by the Outsiders when Batman rejoined the group. Another was introduced in 2002's Fugitive story arc, this time in the form of an abandoned submarine.

Mainly called Batcave West and located in Los Angeles. It first appears in Outsiders Volume 1 Issue 26 but was first mentioned at in Issue 19.

Batcave West

Arkham Cave

Bruce created an Arkham Bat-cave when he found a secret location in Arkham Asylum called "Dead-Man's Point." This was where criminals came to commit suicide. Batman jumps off and bat-glides to this location from 100 feet up. An armored Bat-suit, batgrapple and bat bombs are examples of what is stored here.

Bat Bunker

Under the penthouse of the Wayne Foundation building, there is a secret bunker. As of Batman #687, Dick Grayson has taken to using this as his Batcave, stating that he wishes to embody the role of Batman in a way that is specific to him as well as getting closer to the action in the city. The bunker is as well-equipped as the original Batcave, including the Subway Rocket vehicle stationed beneath the bunker.

Bat Bunker

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