The Star Wars Legends canon has a large number of planets and other celestial bodies that were destroyed over the years by superweapons, natural phenomena, and other means. Wookiepedia has a Mundicide article listing these.

In the current Star Wars canon, we know that Alderaan and the Hosnian System were destroyed by the Death Star and the Starkiller Base, respectively. Are there any other known destroyed planets or celestial bodies in the current Star Wars canon?


By going through the list of Destroyed planets on Wookieepedia, and finding the planets that were destroyed in canon, I found two planets missing of your current list.


Anaxes was destroyed by a cataclysmic event after the end of the Clone Wars.

Fort Anaxes was a remote military base on the planet Anaxes during the Clone Wars. After war's end, a cataclysmic event obliterated the planet, though miraculously, Fort Anaxes remained intact.
Fort Anaxes - Star Wars Databank

The planet made it's first appearance in "The Clone Wars: Bad Batch" part of the Lost Missions series after the Clone Wars TV show was cancelled.

The B'ankora homeworld

The B'ankora homeworld, introduced for the first time (and destroyed) in the prequel novel to Rogue One, Catalyst. The homeworld is unnamed and mentioned only because Krennic sets up his scientists in the B'ankora refuge on Coruscant. Where the details are given that the B'ankora homeworld was destroyed by a cataclysmic collision with meteor, leading to the B'ankora seeking refuge on Coruscant.

I don't currently have the text to provide a quote but have read the book and can confirm the wiki's accuracy in this case.

Previously known planets to be destroyed are Alderaan, and the 5 planets of the Hosnian system plus their host star.

  • Good call. I was able to automate that search, as it looks like Wookiepedia lets you do a category intersection. By intersecting the "Destroyed Planets" and "Canon Articles" categories, I see the planets you mentioned plus Polis Massa (unknown cataclysm) and Pressy's Tumble (destroyed for easier mining). – M. Justin May 2 '18 at 14:02
  • Don't listen to me I'm a liar, will update accordingly when possible. – Edlothiad May 2 '18 at 14:08

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