Can you help me identify this 90's movie about a space ship ambushing a superiorly numbered, and larger ships, piloted by futuristic Neo Nazis. What is at stake? A planet full of water. It was a disney movie.


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The Corvette Surprise is the dead giveaway. It's Titled In the Fold, with an alternate title of Star Command.

It's NOT disney - it's a UPN release, done by "High Command Productions" for Universal Television, released 1996.

  • The esteemed Nigel Bennett (noted for playing La Croix in Forever Knight) leads the bad guy cast.
  • Morgan Fairchild and Chad Everett play the short lived officers in charge of the Surprise.

Some additional information:
B-Movie Reviews < excellent visuals

I strongly suspect this to be the movie in question.


it was UPN's 4 hour moive/pilot Star Command Chad Evert and Morgand Fairchild were the short lived officers assigned to give the newly commissioned Navel academy ensigns there shake-down cruise. Caught between a newly colonized world and your space nazis (I think it was the draconia Combine) The Upshot was the combine has been claim jumpping collony worlds in order to force a political takeover of (Confederation?) however the Surprize catches the combine about to invade and kill all the colonists. The Combine they doesn't want it revealed, because it might start a full-scale shooting war. The Suprize's crew of rookies as the only ship in the area must stall the Combine long enough for the fleet to arrive; and apply unconvetonal tactics to survive while contending with their own internal issues. i have or had it on tape somewhere.

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This is a wild shot. The first title to come to mind is "Ice Pirates". Not a perfect match - 90's, not Disney - but it is set in space and water's a valuable commodity. Anybody who's seen it, can confirm or refute?

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If it's supposed to be comedy/parody it could be (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1. Not Disney, not 90s, but the name of the spaceship matches and one of the villains (Jens Maul) could be considered a 'space nazi'. Planet Earth is at stake (so, that IS a lot of water).

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