I know the main character was Cassia. I think they called her Kiska or Ciska affectionately.

Her type of magic was shunned, but wizards were revered. She was taken on as an apprentice type by a head wizard type who eventually goes bad. She puts together pieces of knowledge to blend elements to travel distances and time. She eventually helped the king.

She had a son (Beya? Benya? Beyja?) and a love interest in the book. There was also a historical character named Marija Ohdani or Odahni?

This wasn't a best seller by any means as far as I remember, and I believe this was in the 90's but I'm not positive.

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The book is probably The Spirit Gate by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

  • It was published in 1996
  • The protagonist is named Kassia Telek
  • She has a son named Beyla
  • Kassia has control over both types of available magic in the world

Book cover

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