Here is what I remember: an old black and white movie on TV Sunday afternoon, perhaps in the 1970's, a scientist holding a Crookes Radiometer at the eyepiece end of a large telescope pointed at the night sky.

As the radiometer began to turn (shown below in the GIF) the scientists were able to reach some conclusion about whether a comet (or asteroid, or alien spacecraft?) would or would not reach the Earth.

I'm sorry; I know it's thin, but it's all I've got.

below: Image (GIF) of a Crookes Radiometer, from here.

enter image description here


I believe you are remembering an episode of the TV series The Time Tunnel called "End of the World". From IMDB:

Doug and Tony escape the moon only to materialize in an old mine shaft in 1910, the year that Halley's Comet passed very close to earth. Many in town, including prominent scientist Professor Ainsley, believe the comet will smash into the Earth and end all life! Doug and Tony know this isn't true so their goal is to rescue miners trapped below the earth and all but abandoned in the town's panic.

Doug (Robert Colbert) uses a radiometer to convince Ainsley the Earth will survive. You can watch the episode on YouTube.here {The radiometer scene begins at 36:05) :

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