I watched an animation where Superman is in a black coffin and gets sent into the sun. My question is, does anyone know what animation this is from?
Also there was another character who looks like Superman with longer hair, also I think Beast Boy was there too.

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As far as I know, it might be one of these:

Superman: Doomsday - There is a Superman clone in there, long-haired Supes fights him. Coffin sent to the sun to recharge Supes. No Beast Boy though.

Justice League vs Teen Titans - Beast Boy fights Supermen there.

There is also the episode of the Justice League TV show called "Hereafter II", with long-haired bearded Superman:

There is also a movie called All-Star Superman, where he also flies into our star:

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  • @Valorum There is black coffin in two of them and beast boy in one of them. All of them fly into the sun. Not clear enough, sorry. – jo1storm Jun 28 '18 at 12:31

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