I don't care about Thanos, nor the MCU only. I don't know if Strange can open and close portals in the comics, but I only want to know why he as a character doesn't use them to fight.

Why doesn't Dr. Strange fight people by opening portals in front of moving body parts (punched fists, running legs, jumping heads) and then closing the portals?

It seems to me this would be so efficient, what can the bad guys do?

When someone is distracted, quick, open portal below him, he falls halfway through, close portal. Why doesn't Strange do this more often?

Why is this not something he practises?


Two reasons.

  • Time. It takes a nontrivial amount of time to open and close a portal. If I recall correctly, in Infinity War there's a scene in which Wong communicates to Dr. Strange through a portal (by nodding his approval) while it's closing. In combat, a second can be an eternity-- portals simply don't open or close fast enough to be used as an offensive weapon like this.

    (There's also a scene in Infinity War in which

    an enemy actually does have his hand severed by a portal closing, but it wasn't Strange's intent to do so.)

  • Intent. Severing a limb is a very permanent and not-easily-undone measure, and severing someone at the torso could easily be fatal. As the first comment to this question points out, killing someone is, for most superheroes, laughably easy and the challenge is often finding a way of defeating an enemy without killing them. This is even more true for Dr. Strange, with his reality-altering magic. Even if he could learn how to use his portals this way, he might not even want to.

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